Using aromatherapy essential oils the right way

Aromatherapists, spa owners, massage therapists, and other healing arts practitioners believe that people who are getting into aromatherapy should be very particular in using and buying essential oils. This to ensure that they will get the therapeutic properties as well as the safety of their health and well being.

Aromatherapy newbie's are advised to be very careful in buying essential oils because the products available on the market today can be quite deceiving. If possible, before buying or using any essential oil or aromatherapy product, they should conduct research first so they can identify which ones are best and safest to use. When buying essential oils, those who are new to aromatherapy are advised to look at the label intently. They are advised to buy essential oils that are placed in bottles and labeled with "essential oil" to ensure the content's purity. They should also inspect the package or the container carefully for any cracks and damage and they should buy aromatherapy products only form reputable sellers like aromatherapy shops and health stores.

After buying the right kind of essential oils, the next major thing that should be paid attention to is the proper ways of using it. To ensure the success of the aromatherapy session, here are some ways of using aromatherapy effectively:

1. Through inhalation. Aromatherapy can be done by placing a couple of chosen essential oil drops to streaming water placed in basin or bowl. Once you have done this, mix the essential oil to the water well and breathe its steam for at least 30 minutes. Through inhaling the aromatherapy essential oil, you can clear your sinus as well as relive headache when you have colds. You can also inhale essential oil by placing a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on a piece of cloth. The cloth with essential oil can be placed near your pillow or under it so you can inhale its aroma. You can easily remove or throw it away once you feel comfortable.

2. Through spray. Essential oils can be utilized by mixing it with ounces of distilled water and used as a spray inside the room. By mixing it with water and used as a spray, you can enjoy aromatherapy comfort anytime of the day.

3. Through direct application. Aromatherapy essential oils should not be directly applied on the skin because it can cause rashes and burning. If you want to apply it directly, you should mix it with water. This mixture can be used during massage as well as in bath.