Guidelines in using and buying aromatherapy diffusers

Today, more and more aromatherapy accessories are available to the consuming public. Among these accessories, the most popular ones are aromatherapy diffusers and nebulizers. There are so many types, kinds, styles, sizes, and colors to choose from on the market. But, before you use or buy a specific aromatherapy diffuser or nebulizer, make sure that you are meticulous about the product's requirements and specifications as well as its safety details. This is to ensure that you are buying a quality product that can aid your relaxation and healing. Also, by knowing the specifications of a certain product, you will have an idea if it can meet your expectations and needs.

The following are some of the diffusers and nebulizers that are commonly seen in aromatherapy stores and health centers:

1. Lamp ring. This is a ring that is made out of terracotta set directly to a light bulb. The grooved lip holds the essential oil while the light bulb provides the heat needed to diffuse the aroma of the oil in the room. One of the advantages of lamp rings is that it is cheaper compared to other types of diffusers. However, it is a fire hazard especially if the oil gets into the light. Chances are, the light bulb will break and may cause fire.

2. Clay pot diffusers. These are cute terracotta pots that come in small pyramids and other shapes. This type of essential oil diffuser has an opening for the oil and has a cork, which enables the content to permeate and spread across the room. The fragrance or the aroma will depend on the amount of essential oil inside the pot. This is an ideal diffuser because it is easy to use, inexpensive, comes in many styles, and does not require the use of batteries or electricity. However, the aroma is short lived so it is hard to keep the fragrance in the room for a long time.

3. Candle diffusers. This utilizes heat to diffuse the aroma across the room. What you do is light up a candle for less than 10 minutes and then put it out. You then place a drop of essential oil in it and relight it to spread the aroma in the air. Usually made of metal or ceramic, candle diffusers have an opening in the candle and a small bowl for essential oil storage. If you are into style, candle diffusers are ideal for your aromatherapy sessions because these come is many shapes, colors, and styles and they are also affordable. However, more care is needed for this type of diffuser because it can easily cause a fire or once the heat from the candle is absorbed by the essential oil which is highly flammable.