Learning to diffuse essential oils in aromatherapy

Aromatherapists, massage therapists, spa owners, and healing arts practitioners say that it is more agreeable to have aromatherapy diffusers that use no heat compared to those that use heat. This is to ensure the quality of the scent diffused by the aromatherapy essential oils.

If you are new to aromatherapy, the first thing that you need to learn is how to use aromatherapy and essential oil diffusers. This is because the proper usage of diffusers will ensure that you will get the results that you want.

Knowing the process of diffusion

In aromatherapy, the term "diffusion" is the procedure of breaking up essential oils so the aroma contained in these fragrances will fill the space in the room. Because there are so many methods that can be used in diffusing essential oils in aromatherapy, starters should only focus on those that are simple and easy to avoid committing fatal mistakes. The following are just some of the diffusion processes you can do even at home:

1. Tissue diffusion. This process of diffusion involves the use of at least 4 drops of essential oil placed on a piece of tissue paper. What you can do is place it in the nearest area possible so the movement of the aroma in the tissue will spread out across the room. This is very easy to do and can be transported. However, the aroma in the tissue might not fill the whole room because the amount is so little.

2. Steam diffusion. What you need here is to boil at least 2 cups of water and pour it to a bowl with 10 drops of your chosen essential oil. Energizing or relaxing oils are ideal for this process of diffusion because it can fill up the room with pleasant aroma easily. Although it can easily fill up the room with nice aroma, this will not last since the essence will evaporate in the air quickly. The heat in the steam can also destroy elements of the essential oil and will not produce the therapeutic benefit it supposed to produce.

3. Candle diffusion. This process involves the use of candle and essential oils. To achieve success in this process, you must leave a candle burning for at least 5 minutes. Then, you can extinguish the candle and place one drop of chosen essential oil on its melted wax. After this, you should relight the candle and enjoy a room filled with relaxing aroma. Although this will ensure a long lasting fragrance, you should be very careful in doing is because essential oils can be highly flammable.