Using Aromatherapy essential oils

Essential oil is one of the most basic ingredients in an aromatherapy kit. This after all is the one that provides the scent or the aroma that is said to relax the nerves and de-stress the person. In fact, aromatherapy wouldn't be aromatherapy without these oils. Some people even buy more than one type of essential oils. They go for different scents depending on their mood for that day. This practice is actually encouraged as each essential oil can have their own benefits and effects. Also, too much of something can also be bad for the health. So it is best that you alternate between three or four scents to avoid desensitization.

Essential oils come from plants. Unlike fragrant oils, which are chemical based, essential oils are extracted from naturally-growing plants. Oils may be found in different areas in the plants, from the branches and leaves, to the buds and the fruits. Some can even find oils in the roots. But because it is natural, there are also some cases when it can also be dangerous and hazardous to the health, especially when inhaled too much or when mistakenly taken from a poisonous plant. Remember, drugs like marijuana actually come from plants themselves.

That is why in using essential oils in aromatherapy, caution must be observed. Here are some tips on how to keep safe and yet get the most out of your essential oils.

Store properly
Essential oils can also go stale. So if you have bottles of oils that you have not used for 2 years, throw them away. When stored properly, essential oils can last for just a year. If not, even less than that. The first thing to remember when storing essential oils is to always keep the bottle sealed tight. Oils can also evaporate and it can also get contaminated. It is also recommended that you store them in a cool dry place. Do not expose it to direct heat.

Use in moderation
Essential oils must only be used in moderation. This means that do not overuse it when you don't need it. The same goes with putting too much on the candles or diffusers, or using more than what was indicated in the manual. Follow the instructions to the letter. Even though essential oils are natural, they can still be potent. Some oils may even be more potent when used in large amounts. So be careful when using these essential oils in aromatherapy.