Home made aromatherapy

Just like in everything else, modernization has paved the way for making things easier for people who want to conduct aromatherapy. In fact, you can now make your own aromatherapy variations even in you're own home. All you need to do is to conduct some research on products that you are interested in and look for things inside the home that you can possibly use in your experiment.

Before anything else, make sure that you have supplies for aromatherapy such as items that will be used for measuring, such as cups and spoons, means of transferring liquids such as funnels with different sizes, containers for mixing elements and for proper storage such as bottles or vials, labeling items like stickers, lots of paper towels and alcohol to clean the area afterwards.

You may also need glass droppers, a pipette, and measuring cups with pour spouts for large quantities as well as essential oils and carriers like distilled water, vegetable oil, alcohol, vodka, or the more expensive ones including jojoba, almond, or apricot.

After preparing the necessary supplies, you may start with your homemade aromatherapy. The following are just some of the aromatherapy products that you can do inside the confines of your own abode.

1. Aromatherapy massage or body oil. All you need is to combine 50 drops or 1/2 teaspoon of the essential oil of your choice together with 4 ounces of vegetable oil. This can be used to relax the aching muscles, relieve stress, and encourage normal breathing by directly applying in on the affected area

2. Aromatherapy compress. This is considered one of the easiest aromatherapy products out there. All you need is to add at least 5 drops of essential oil to a cold or hot cup of water and dip a soft cloth on the mixture. If you want to relieve itchiness, swell, and inflamed body parts use cold compress. To flush out blemishes on the skin, use hot water to open skin pores and also to relieve strain in the neck due to tightened muscles.

3. Aromatherapy foot or hand bath. What you need is to add 10 drops of a chosen essential oil to a part of cold or hot water in a medium-sized basin. Using your hand or a stirring rod, stir the essential oil evenly to blend well with the water. When the two are blended, you may now soak your stiff hands or feet to relieve muscle aches. If you want to relax muscles that are stiff, use cold water to reduce the swelling. Foot or hand bath is ideal to relive muscle aches because the essential oils can easily enter the mainstream when the pores are open.