Aromatherapy for Pregnant Women

The benefits that many people derive from aromatherapy has been known for many years. It was only given a name in the 1920s in France.

The Oil
The essential oil used in the process is a product of distillation. This method requires a long period of time where the oil is derived from botanical elements. Through this process, the essential oil becomes intoxicating, concentrated and fragrant. The oil must be diluted in water or other chosen diffusers, or else it may cause skin irritation.

Relax During Pregnancy
Pregnant women can benefit from the oil by mixing it with water and using it to bathe. This relaxes your body and gives you a soothing feeling. You can also apply some oil in the shower if you prefer. Place the oil at the back of the shower.

Another way to relax and enjoy the soothing feeling of this kind of oil is by mixing it with jojoba oil. You can use this combination to massage all over your body to remove the aches that can be caused by the heaviness of your baby in the womb.

Just make sure to consult your doctor before doing the abovementioned to make sure that it's safe and will cause no complications with your situation.

For Babies
The essential oil can also be applied to babies. Make sure that it is diluted to avoid irritation. Touch therapy has been practiced for ages. Use a few drops of your own mixture to massage gently all over your baby's body.

This can be a great relaxation technique for your babies. This will also be a great bonding moment for parents and their babies. You'll see how your offspring will learn to calm down and relax in their own way through your touch and the effect of the oil.

Air Freshener
The oil has a scent that can also relax and can act as an air freshener. You can use the oil mixed with water to spread the scent in your vehicles and in your homes.

There are other fragrances that can be diffused in the oil to produce different scents. The popular ones are lavender, chamomile, sage among others.

Use aromatherapy when you are an expectant mom and you will really appreciate the calming effects that it will have on your body. Relive your tension through the massage and learn to relax. This will prepare you for your labor while calming the baby inside your belly.

Use aromatherapy for an easy pregnancy. By being pampered with relaxation techniques, you will surely appreciate the state you are in and focus on the excitement of the arrival of a new born in your family.