Massage using essential oils in aromatherapy

Aromatherapy massage is a kind of massage using essential oils incorporated to the conventional massage lotions or oil. The only difference from regular massage is the use of essential oils and yet that simple distinction makes regular massage and aromatherapy massage worlds apart. The reason is in the oils.

Essential oils contain natural chemical compounds that get transmitted through our noses when we inhale the aroma of the essential oils. As these chemical molecules reach the limbic system of the brain, our mood, emotions, and state of mind and well-being are affected, often times resulting in a relaxed and rejuvenated state. The limbic system of the brain functions as a control tower for human emotions, as well as the nervous system, and the body's hormones.

If we combine the effects of essential oils with the techniques of different kinds of massages, we get something that benefits not only our inner well being but our physical condition as well.

Aside from the scents emitted by essential oils, it is believed the properties of the oil that makes them therapeutic can be absorbed through the skin. However, care must be taken when applying amounts of essential oils on the skin. Pure essential oils can cause irritations for others and can lead to complications if not properly addressed.

Nevertheless, with the right additives, mainly carrier oils, the maximum benefits of essential oils in aromatherapy massage will be attained.

Among the more popular blends of essential oils used in aromatherapy massage includes chamomile, lavender and geranium oils which are used primarily to clam ones state of mind, relieving the stressful environment hovering someone who worries a lot or is show aggressive behaviors all the time.

Rosemary oil is good to energize and cleanse the body. If, however, one needs more than just to be re- energized, the essential oils from clary sage, rose and neroli are good for uplifting the soul.

Aromatherapy massage, just like any other massages is not for everyone. Those with open wounds, rashes, or any skin disease is not advised to have aromatherapy massage, or any kind of massage for that matter. The contact and pressure on the skin will cause more pain and trouble than relief. Likewise, those who have undergone surgery, chemotherapy, people with heart diseases, and pregnant women are definitely on this list.

Aromatherapy massage is great for removing the everyday stress and is especially great for the piled-up stress from work and other pressures from our daily lives. It is also being recommended for people with headaches, back pain, digestive problems, and premenstrual syndrome.