Dangers of essential oils used in aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is good for the body. Many research and studies have been done to prove just how much the vapors from the essential oils being used in aromatherapy are beneficial to ones health and well being.

Its primary benefit lies in the fact that it can soothe the muscles and relax the body. Essential oils and the process of aromatherapy in particular is often used as a tool for people to de-stress themselves. It is also used to ease headaches and several aches and pains, which for most people, are caused not by any physical disorder but an emotional or mental one.

Some essential oils are also great for combating sickness as they are known to have antiseptic properties and are immune system stimulants. There are also a variety that is great for the skin and are good in treating cuts and burns as well as skin problems.

But although these essential oils are beneficial to the body, there are instances when they can be dangerous. Not all people can use essential oils or practice aromatherapy. Some have allergies while others are just plain not cut out to use them. Here are some of the instances when aromatherapy should not be used.

1. People who have health problems like asthma, high blood pressure and epilepsy are advised not to use essential oils or practice aromatherapy unless they are under the supervision of their doctors. That is why it is important that you tell your doctors of your plans or of your habits when having a check. That way, they will be able to advise you about it.

2. People who are under medications should also avoid using aromatherapy. Essential oils, as mentioned before, can relax the muscles and the body. If you are taking medication that also relaxes the body, this can be a double whammy. Make sure that your medications can be used alongside aromatherapy. Ask your doctor about it.

3. There are certain oils that are not good for women who are pregnant, particularly when they are in the first trimester. But to be really sure, pregnant women should avoid these oils for the duration of the pregnancy: Arnica, Camphor, Santolina, Sassafras, Pennyroyal, Wormseed, Spanish Broom, Wormwood, and Mustard. Safe oils are lavender, jasmine, rose, chamomile and Sandalwood.
4. There are essential oils on the market that are not really what they seem. Some use poisonous and toxic plants as sources. When buying essential oils for aromatherapy, make sure that you only buy from reputable stores and manufacturers .