Massage in Style Using Aromatherapy

When used in massage, aromatherapy uses plant oils that are concentrated and have gone through the process of dilution. The product of this method is called the essential oils. This can be used as a combination with water or other oils and also with lotions.

The limbic system in a human brain is in charge of the emotions and the body's nervous system. It also controls the hormones and the reaction they have to natural occurrences. The nostrils are connected with the limbic system.

When a person is undergoing a massage, the aroma of the essential oils is being absorbed by the nostrils that goes straight to the limbic system. This has a calming effect on the heart that lessens the stress that a person feels. This also controls the breathing to normal and regulates the blood pressure. This is also good for your memory. This will also help you in the digestion of food. And this process makes the immune system stronger. And so the person who is undergoing such becomes healthier.

The essential oil, when absorbed by the skin, has healing effects that are good for you. It has healing properties that have been proven through time.

Uses of the Massage
The oil can be diffused with different scents. As a result, the combination will have different effects depending on where it was mixed.

The essential oil plus eucalyptus and tea tree leaves a decongesting feel. When used with rosemary, it develops a cleansing effect. If you want calmness, use it with lavender, chamomile and geranium. And it becomes uplifting when used with rosemary and uplifting with rose and neroli.

The massage can improve conditions like insomnia and headaches. It is also good for digestive disorders. And this will be beneficial for pregnant women and also those suffering from PMS or the premenstrual syndrome.

You can apply the oil on yourself or ask someone to do the massage for you. However you do it, enjoy the process and benefit from the effects that it emulates. As you use the massage more often, you develop certain likeness for different mixtures.

Bring your favorite combination every time you visit a professional for an aromatherapy massage. Have it ready at home to be utilized when the need arises. Whichever way, learn to enjoy the different effects the massage has. Pamper your body and learn to live the relaxed way through this process. As you get older, you will be really thankful for whoever invented the process.