Dangers of essential oils of aromatherapy on the skin

Aromatherapy has many benefits to the body. This is perhaps why a lot of people are starting to use them. Many companies have incorporated aromatherapy into their offices to help their employees fight off stress. Some hospitals also put some aromatherapy scents in their recovery rooms to calm patients. Restaurants are even joining the bandwagon, putting diffusers inside so that customers can enjoy an inviting and relaxing ambiance.

The success of aromatherapy lies in the use of essential oils. These oils provide the aroma or the scent that relaxes the body. These come from plants. Oils are extracted from the different parts like the leaves, the roots, the bark and even the stem. Some plants even produce different oils from different parts of the plant. Some, on the other hand, can only give one essential oil like the jasmine or the lavender.

But although these oils are basically beneficial and advantageous to the body, there are still instances when they can be hazardous to ones health too. This is because although these essential oils are natural, too much of it can be toxic, especially if it is applied directly to the skin.

Essential oils are known for their antiseptic properties. It is also used to treat cuts and burns as well as a variety of skin problems. But remember that not all people can actually use essential oils. Some have really sensitive skin that may not react well with the oils. So before you apply them on your skin, make sure that you are not allergic to them. You can do this by doing a skin patch test wherein you will apply a small amount of the oil on the skin to find out if it will react. Remember that only a small amount should be used as this is just a trial. A pinch or less than a drop is enough for you to see whether you are allergic or not.

Often, the skin patch test is done on areas that are not often seen or those that are covered by clothes. That way, you know that it will not be seen should your skin react to the essential oil. Usually, a person will have to wait for about 12 hours before they can see some swelling and redness. If there is, that means you are allergic to it and should not apply it on your skin. You may also want to avoid using that particular essential oil for your aromatherapy.