Resourcefulness in making aromatherapy products

Of all the forms of alternative healing, aromatherapy is one of the most popular choices. This is because aromatherapy can bring about positive effects not only on their physical being but in their emotional and physical being as well.

Those who are new to aromatherapy are advised to rely on the experts before using any product. But, for those people who have been studying aromatherapy for quite some time now, they should proceed to another level by creating their own aromatherapy products. Once they try to experiment on things using their knowledge and experience in aromatherapy, they can customize products for themselves. They can save lots of money because they don't need to buy aromatherapy products that can be quite expensive and can earn money as well if they try to sell their homemade and personalized products.

Before you try coming up with your very own aromatherapy products, you need not only extensive knowledge about them but also the supplies needed such as measuring items like spoons and cups, laboratory apparatus like pipettes and stirring rods, containers and different sizes of funnels. Once you have all these, you may now proceed to creating your own aromatherapy products.

The following are just some of the aromatherapy products that you can start working on:

1. Aromatherapy mouth products. These may include mouthwashes, gargles, and throat sprays that can kill odor-causing bacteria that thrive inside the mouth. It can also treat minor mouth and throat problems. What you need for a simple aromatherapy gargle or spray is 1/2 teaspoon of salt dissolves in 1/4 cup water. You can mix it with 1/2 drop of essential oil that has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties like tea tree oil. Once you're done mixing everything together, shake or stir it using a rod and put in a sealed container.

2. Aromatherapy salve. These can be primarily used to treat skin problems and conditions such swelling, scrapes, bruises, cuts, rashes, and insect bites as well as major skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. You can make your own aromatherapy salve by stirring at least 30 drops of your chosen essential oil with 2 ounces of plain salve. Using a toothpick, you should mix them both together so the salve can absorb the properties of the essential oil.

3. Aromatherapy liniment. Liniments are known to be great in aiding circulation especially when rubbed on the affected area of the body. These are used to minimize pains in the muscle and joints by warming the affected nerves. You can make your own aromatherapy liniment by mixing at least 30 drops of your chosen essential oils with alcohol, vegetable oil, and vinegar.