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  • Hoodia Home
    Hoodia, very simply, is a natural appetite suppressant that comes from a plant that only grows in South Africa

  • Hoodia Review
    The Hoodia Gordonii plant was used by the SAN tribe men, in Kalahari desert, as a way to avoid hunger and thirst during the hunt.

  • What Is Hoodia
    Hoodia has been recently discovered by North Americans, although it has been used by South African bushman as an appetite suppressant before taking long trips for hundreds of years.

  • How Hoodia Works
    Hoodia acts as an appetite suppressant. However, unlike other appetite suppressants, it is not a stimulant.

  • Hoodia Appetite Suppressant
    Appetite suppressants like hoodia are drugs that reduce the desire to eat. They can be used in the treatment of obesity.

  • Hoodia And Diet
    You can incorporate Hoodia into a healthy diet in order to help you to suppress your appetite.

  • Hoodia Miracle Or Scam
    The plant Hoodia gordonii has developed a reputation as a miracle appetite suppressant.

  • Hoodia Weight Loss
    If you want to lose weight you have likely already heard the praise being given to the latest in natural cures - Hoodia Gordonii.

  • Hoodia Pharmaceutical
    With the growing obesity epidemic in this country and around the world, the pharmaceutical industry is making great efforts to develop appetite suppressing drugs like hoodia.

  • Hoodia Supplements
    Hoodia dietary supplements abound on the internet, promising safe, side effect free appetite suppression.

  • Hoodia Media
    The current Hoodia craze can probably trace its beginnings to November 21, 2004, when CBS’s “60 Minutes” did a program about Hoodia

  • Hoodia Dangers
    The main danger of Hoodia is that people will starve themselves

  • About Us
    Understanding what underlies health problems can be the first step on the road to optimum health.


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