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Magnet therapy is considered an alternative kind of medicine or healing. With the use of magnets, it is possible to restore energy to the body, improve sleep, relieve pain and even, stress in a natural way.


There are several cases where magnet therapy was able to prevent and treat chronic sicknesses. 


Magnet therapy is broken into two kinds: static and pulsating electromagnetic therapy. Static refers to a simple magnet that emits a consistent magnetic charge. Pulsating refers to the magnetic energy pulsing in response to a rhythmic electrical stimulus.  


Magnet therapy is based on the theory that magnetic fields penetrating the human body can effect improvements in the functioning of individual cells, the nervous system and various organs. 


Magnet therapy is not advised as the sole treatment for potentially serious medical conditions, and should not delay the time to diagnosis or treatment with more proven methods 


Over the years, many magnetic stress relief products have also found their way into the market. Shoe insoles, heel inserts, mattress pads, belts and bracelets have been developed and are being marketed as therapeutic devices.



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